Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones Técnicas de Gipuzkoa

The Electronics and Communications Department within CEIT has got 63 people in staff, 26 of them Ph.D. holders, 31 working towards their Ph.D. degree and the rest with MSc and BsC degrees in Engineering. Many of the researchers obtained their Ph.D. or stayed for long periods of time at prestigious international research centers such as Sheffield University, Fraunhofer Institut in Erlangen, IMEC in Lovaina or the Technological Institute in Lausane.

As a result of the activities performed at CEIT, five spin-offs in the TIC area have been generated with dedication to content selection on the Internet, design of integrated circuits for communication devices, control software for mobile phones, artificial vision and patient remote monitoring, respectively. In addition, CEIT belongs to the IK4 alliance, composed of several technological centers in order to concentrate the critical research mass and available technological media, and subsequently, to be able to face bigger projects of great social and economic relevance.

The team that will take part in the current project belongs to the Communication Systems and Mathematical Principles of Information Group (INTECOM) within the previously mentioned department, and is made up of 6 researchers: Dr. Pedro Crespo Bofill, the leading researcher of this group, Dr. Javier Del Ser (associated CEIT member within the COMONSENS framework), Dr. Angel Rubio, Dr. Jesús Gutiérrez-Gutiérrez, Dr. Juan Francisco Sevillano and Dr. Bjorn O. Hogstad.

From its very beginning, the research activities performed by this INTECOM core group have been focused on the design of practical joint source-channel coding schemes for multi-terminal communication networks, space-time coding for MIMO channels, iterative equalization techniques, factor graphs and UWB communications, among others. Such an activity has given rise, in the last few years, to the completion of 11 Ph.D. thesis, several papers in prestigious international magazines, and a great amount of presentations in national and international congresses.

On the other hand, CEIT members keep narrow links with numerous national and international research groups. Directly related to INTECOM, for example, main researcher Dr. Pedro M. Crespo Bofill collaborated with Dr. Verdú from Princeton University (USA) in R&D projects funded by Bell Communications Research (New Jersey) from 1988 to 1992. Since then, regular contacts have been kept in communication signal processing issues. Likewise, the relationship with Dr. Javier García Frías from University of Delaware has been fruitful since 1993. One of the most remarkable results of this collaboration is the start of a Ph.D. Thesis directed by Dr. Garcia-Frías, and pursued by the Telecommunication Engineer I. Esnaola, former M.Sc. student of both Dr. Crespo and Dr. Del Ser. On the other hand, Dr. Javier Del Ser has recently completed a 4-month postdoc stay at the University of Delaware.