Universidad de La Coruña

The research team from the University of A Coruña that participates in COMONSENS is formed with members of the Grupo de Tecnología Electrónica y Comunicaciones (GTEC) belonging to the Departmento de Electrónica y Sistemas.

Since its birth in 1994, GTEC has participated in more than 20 research projects from diverse competitive calls at the regional, state and European level with a very high rate of success, having attracted more than 2 million euros in investment. GTEC also stands out because of its technology transfer activities as proven by their agreements and contracts with companies like Protega, Wireless Galicia, EGATEL and Satdata; and by the creation of a Technologically-Based Company (Nomasystems, SL). Also, it can be verified the time continuity of its outstanding scientific production observing the time evolution of indices such as the number of International publications with high impact (members of GTEC have published more than 25 journal papers and more than one hundred international conference papers); advised PhD dissertations; contracting of research personnel, etc. These achievements earned GTEC a 200.000 euros grant in 2007 from the Program for the consolidation of competitive research units sponsored by the Galician regional government.

Research activities of GTEC spread over a large number of topics in wireless communication and networks: multiuser detection and interferences cancellation in Direct Sequence Code Division Multiple Access (DS/CDMA) systems, blind source separation of instantaneous and convolutive mixtures, blind equalization, channel estimation in systems with multicarrier modulation, adaptive precoding of MIMO systems, design of space-time coding schemes using Low Density Generator Matrix (LDGM) codes, inference of contextual information in wireless sensor networks and prototyping of data communication equipments. GTEC members keep a sustained collaboration with important research teams at different international universities. In particular, GTEC cooperates with Prof. Dr. Javier García Frías from the University of Delaware (USA) in the development of channel coding techniques. GTEC also collaborates with prof. Michael Joham and Wolfgang Utschick from the Technische Universität München (Germany) through an Integrated Action between Germany and Spain awarded during 2007 and 2008.