Universitat Pompeu Fabra

The UPF team features several members from the Department of Information Theory and Communications (DTECN) at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, including Profs. Ezio Biglieri, Angel Lozano and Miquel Oliver.

Prof. Ezio Biglieri is one of the most recognized international figures in signal processing and communications. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and a former President of the IEEE Information Theory Society. He has been a distinguished lecturer for both the IEEE Information Theory and the IEEE Communications societies and Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Communication Letters and the European Transactions on Communications. He is currently Editor-in-Chief for the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory and the Journal of Communications and Networks. Prof. Biglieri has held appointments at many top institutions, including Politecnico di Torino (Italy), Università degli studi di Napoli (Italy), UCLA (USA), Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications (France), University of Sydney (Australia), Yokohama National University (Japan), Princeton University (USA), University of South Australia (Adelaide), University of Melbourne (Australia), Munich University of Technology (Germany), and ETH (Switzeland). He has authored several textbook, including the widely adopted textbook 'Principles of digital transmission with wireless applications', Kluwer 1999, and the recent 'Coding for wireless channels', Springer 2005. Three of his books have received a total of 1050 citations. Altogether, Prof. Biglieri is Classified as a 'Highly Cited Researcher' by the ISI Web of Knowledge and has received multiple paper and service awards. His four most cited journal papers accumulate, respectively, 742, 715, 236 and 150 citations.

Prof. Angel Lozano, in turn, brings 15 years of research experience at Stanford University, Bell Labs, and Columbia University. He has participated in industrial standardization fora such as 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) and IEEE 802.20. He is a senior member of the IEEE, an editor for the IEEE Transactions on Communications, and a former guest editor for IEEE Wireless Communications. Prof. Angel Lozano holds 15 patents, including one that has been adopted for UMTS Release 7, and his papers (one of them award-winning) have accumulated over 1200 citations with four of them exceeding 110 citations each. He has served as finance and industry chair for several international conferences.

Prof. Miquel Oliver has extensive experience in project management and technology transfer at both the national and European level.

The UPF team is further complemented by Prof. Azadeh Faridi, who holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland, and Prof. Boris Bellalta, who holds a Ph.D. from UPF.