Universidad de Sevilla

The research team from the University of Seville that participates in COMONSENS is the Signal Processing and Communications group SPCG. In the last five years this group has worked in more than 20 European, national and local projects and it has authored more than 32 papers in international journals. Regarding this proposal, the interests of this research group include synchronization, localization, equalization, multiuser detection applied to CDMA, UWB or OFDM. The researchers involved in this project have authored more than 15 papers on the proposed topics, half of them in top level journals. They have leaded national government funded proposals. At present they work along with another group in this project team on a national project pursuing new approaches in monitoring with wireless sensors. They also have worked in the design of new devices and algorithms for Vodafone Research and other minor local companies. Since they are specialist on intelligent systems, they also have been granted to work on cognitive radio in the framework of 'Proyecto Minerva' funded by the regional government. At present, the participants collaborate with researchers at the University of Pisa, the University of Liverpool, the University of Nice and Princeton University.