Job offers

* participant (CEIT,UC,UC3M,UDC,UPC,UPF,UPM,US,UVEG,UVIGO), collabotator (HKUST,TECN,UDEL,UNM), or external collaborator (EXT).

position partners* description contact file
Pre-doctoral  UC3M  PhD fellowships in statistical signal processing and machine learning.  JoaquĂ­n MĂ­guez 
Research Assistantship  UPC  Research Assistantship (Ph.D Cadidates) positions are available at UPC SPCOM group   Olga Muñoz 
Pre-doctoral  UC3M  The Communications Group of Universidad Carlos III calls for candidates, at pre-doctoral level, to conduct research in Exploitation of side information for efficient transmission, Signal Processing for cooperative communication and Multiple Antenna Transceivers. Applications will be received and considered until March 31st 2010.   Ana GarcĂ­a Armada 
Graduate student and postdoctoral researcher  UPF  The Wireless Communications group ( at UPF, in Barcelona, welcomes applications for graduate students to conduct research within the framework of the COMONSENS project. Applications from outstanding postdoctoral candidates will also be considered.  Angel Lozano   
Graduate student & postdoctoral  UC  The GTAS research team invites applications for graduate students to conduct research and execute the demonstration activities of the COMONSENS project. Also, applications from outstanding candidates for postdoctoral research positions will be considered.  Ignacio SantamarĂ­a